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AOR CO8200
Data Clone Cable


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AOR CO8200

The AOR CO8200 is a data clone cable that enables data to be copied between two AR8200 series receivers. Memory search and all data may be transfered enabling a full cloning of one receiver to the other. The data socket is located on the right side of the radio underneath the 12 VDC socket. It is under a rubberized, protective cover.

Please be sure that the batteries are fully charged in each radio before starting the cloning procedure. Do not interrupt or terminate the cloning process or data corruption may occur. Data can be copied in either direction. However, data from the optional EM8200 card can not be cloned.

Special Note:  The CO8200 cable has been discontinued. To clone two AR8200s, you may alternately use an EM8200 memory module to transfer the information.

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