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The AOR TV5000A is designed expressly for use with the AR5000A series (AR5000AB, AR5000AU, AR5000A+3U, AR5000A+3B). The module mounts internally with no soldering required. It demodulates audio and video NTSC signals (not for PAL). It has the ability to handle conventional TV video broadcasts and security camera video often used above 2 GHz. The video is delivered to the AR5000A's MUTE jack. The audio will come-out the radio's speaker. These jacks would typically connect to a composite video monitor (not supplied). Most newer televisions also have separate video and audio inputs, and could be used. (Please note that a VGA computer monitor will not work). This product has a six month manufacturer's limited warranty. The top and bottom views of the TV5000A module are shown above.

Video Format: NTSC
Video Output: 1 V p-p (75 ohm) fed to the AR5000A's Mute Jack
Audio Output: Fed to the radio internally
Supported radios: AR5000AB, AR5000AU, AR5000A+3U, AR5000A+3B

Please note that American broadcast television converted to a digital format on 02/17/09.
After this date you cannot view broadcast television with this device.

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