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Frequently Asked Questions

Q: It looks similar to the AR8600 receiver. Is the AR-ONE an upgraded version of the AR8600 or AR8600MKII ?
A: No. The control head of the AR-ONE appears similar to that of the AR8600 or AR8600MKII, however, the AR-ONE is a totally different radio with many different features, including the possibilities of total computer control and the ability to operate multiple AR-ONE units from one computer.

Q: Why is the AR-ONE so expensive ?
A: The AR-ONE is designed and built to be the highest grade receiver possible. The AR-ONE is the world's first communications receiver to continuously receive from 10 KHz to 3.3 GHz, in all analog modes. The AR-ONE has an ultra stable reference oscillator, accurate to 0.1 ppm. This gives you high grade performance and stability, similar to that found in laboratory test equipment.

Q: You said the AR-ONE is for professional use only. I'm an individual customer. Can I buy one ?
A: No. The AR-ONE is for use by qualified users only. That includes federal, state and local governments, and agencies, such as police, fire departments, military, aviation control and similar departments. Supporting documentation is required to execute a purchase.

Q: Will a "B" version (Cellular blocked) of the AR-ONE become available soon?
A: At present, there is no plan to manufacture a US domestic version of the AR-ONE. However, if there is sufficient demand in the future, it may be possible.

Q: I understand the AR-ONE is PC controllable. Is AOR providing a software control program ?
A: At this point, AOR has not yet produced a control program, in that many government and institutional users prefer to develop programs that suit their specific needs. It is possible that a third party software developer will create a control program for the AR-ONE.

Q: I'm interested in using the AR-ONE for DF applications. Will the AR-ONE work in that role ?
A: Yes, The AR-ONE has a provision of local oscillator signal output for coherent operation.

Q: Is the AR-ONE compatible with the SDU5500 and SDU5600 spectrum display unit?
A: Yes.

Q: At the Dayton Hamvention in May 2002, your displayed model of the AR-ONE had a remote control head. However, your brochure makes no mention of a remote head. Why is that ?
A: The AR-ONE control head is detachable. By using an optional separation cable, you can mount the control head away from the main receiver.

Q: I want to use the AR-ONE as a "black box" type of receiver without the control head. Is it possible to operate the receiver in this manner ?
A: Yes. The AR-ONE has three separate serial ports. Two of the three are used for PC control and "daisy chain" operation of multiple receivers; the other is for the control head. Therefore, you can control the radio without a control head attached.

Q: I don't see an S-meter of the AR-ONE in the photo. Does the AR-ONE have a S-meter?
A: Yes, it does. Not only an S-meter display, but an actual antenna signal level can be measured and displayed in numerical units (dBm or dBuV).

Q: Is the AR-ONE available in a 220 VAC version?
A: Yes, it is available with a 220 VAC power supply for a slight additional charge.

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