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The AOR ARD5000 is a radio adapter for use with the AR5000 or AR5000+3 receivers. This decoder uses digital processing techniques to decode signal content from the 10.7 MHz IF output of the receiver. The internal circuits employ DSP, FPGA and RISC-CPU technologies. The ARD5000 is capable of decoding unencrypted APCO25 digital communications. The software can be easily changed or upgraded using an optional plug-in memory card. This will allow the user to monitor other new analog and digital modes.

A multifunction LCD screen displays control information including the sender's ID number. Click here to view rear panel.

The development of this device has been cancelled.

Preliminary Specifications
Signal Input Frequency: 10.7 MHz
Decoding Method: Digital decoding by I/Q direct conversion
Receive Modes: [Software dependent]
Output: Internal speaker, external speaker jack, headphone jack
Dimensions: 8 x 3 x 7.2 inches
Power Requirements: 12-15 VDC nominal @ 200 mA
Supported radios: AR5000 or AR5000+3

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