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Icom Bonito BON CS4.5 software

The ICOM BON CS4.5 software is great for decoding many of those digital signals on the airwaves! It is available for the R1500, R2500, PCR1500 and PCR2500. Check out all the cool features of the Bonito RadioCom 4.5:
• Windows® Vista™ Software Package.
• Radio Control
• Equalizer-Filter-Analyzer
• Audio Recorder
• Decodes RTTY, CW, WFAX, SatFax, SSTV, PSK
• Time Signal Decoding
• Frequency and Schedule Manager
• SatTraking

Bonito Software Minimum Requirements:  IBM-compatible PC, Intel® Pentium min. 500 MHz or higher, 128 MB RAM, as well as a bi-directional soundcard, a graphics card with 16 colors at 800x600 resolution and Windows 2000/XP/Vista.

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