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The AOR ARD300 is a digital decoder that will bring the world of digital modes to your wideband receiver. It decodes many amateur digital voice modes such as those used by Icom, Alinco and Yaesu. It also decodes APCO P25 and DMR voice signals used by many governments worldwide. The front panel features an 8 character, two-line display. Audio output is provided to a " headphone jack on the front panel and a speaker built into the top panel. The rear panel features the IF port [BNC], Audio In and Audio Out (mini), Service port (DB9 male), DC input and DC output.

Supported modes include:
P25 (Phase 1 conventional) C4FM IMBE
Alinco GMSK AMBE (for EJ-47U only)
Yaesu C4FM AMBE+2 (V/D mode)
Digital CR C4FM AMBE+2
Icom/Kenwood NXDN C4FM AMBE+2 6.25 kHz
dPMR (dMPR446 and Tier 1 mode)

The ARD300 is compatible with the AR5001D and many other receivers that have either 10.7 MHz or 45.05 MHz output.
This device requires 10.7-16 VDC @300 mA. Supplied with:  DC power cable, BNC IF cable, audio cable and printed Owner's Manual.
In the case of the AR5001D, the ARD300 can be powered directly from the receiver, sharing the receiver's power supply.
Please note that the modes covered by this device are primarily to be found on VHF-UHF frequencies.
This is a special order, non-returnable item.

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