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AOR AR2515

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Discontinued Wideband Receivers  

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AR2515 Specifications


Frequency coverage: 500 kHz to 1500 MHz
Receiver Modes: AM, NFM, WFM (USB, LSB, CW with optional BFO-1)  
Memory channels: 2016
Scan rate: 36 channels/second
Search rate: 36 steps/second
IF: 750 MHz, 45.03 MHz, 5.5 MHz, 455 kHz
Antenna connector: 50 ohm BNC
Audio output: 1.0 watts at 4 ohm load 10% distortion
Power Requirements: 13.8 volts DC, approx. 200mA
Display: Liquid crystal
Size: 5.5 x 3.125 x 7.75 inches.

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