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AOR AR1000
Wideband Receiver


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AOR AR1000

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The AOR AR1000 receiver continuously covers 8-600, 805-1300 MHz in FM-N, FM-W and AM modes. Frequency steps are 5 kHz to 999 kHz in 5 or 12.5 kHz steps. Search speed is 40 steps/second. Memory scan speed is 20 channels/second. Priority sampling time is every 2 seconds.

There are 1000 memories and ten search limited bands. The display has a low battery indicator and is backlit. The top of the radio has the volume and squelch knobs, tuning knob, earphone output, 10 dB attenuator switch and BNC antenna jack.

The AR1000 comes with four AA NiCad cells, AC adapter/charger and antenna, shoulder strap, belt clip BNC flexible antenna and DC auto cord. 65x170x35mm.

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  ABF125 VHF Airband Filter (BNC M to F). Discontinued
  ABF128 VHF Airband Filter, Bandpass: 108-136 MHz. (BNC M to BNC F). Not in stock

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