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AOR AR8000
Wideband Receiver


Replaced by the
AOR AR8200

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The AOR AR8000 is a highly sensitive hand-held receiver boasting a very wide frequency coverage of 500 kHz to 1900 MHz (less cellular). Step size is programmable in multiples of 50 Hz for smooth tuning. The all-mode reception provides AM, USB, LSB, CW, NFM and WFM. The high visibility LCD is of a new dot matrix format which provides four lines of display so that additional features may be displayed at the same time. This receiver features:  1000 Memories, 20 Search Banks, Priority Channel, Frequency Pass, Rotary Tuning Dial, Programmable Step Sizes, Signal Strength Meter, Band Scope, Backlit LCD & Keypad, Battery Save Function, Attenuator, Keypad Lock and Monitor Switch.

The AR8000 comes with NiCad battery pack, AA8000UL AC adapter/charger [12VDC 300 mA +], BNC flex antenna, belt clip, hand strap and DC lead with cigar plug.

The AR8000 has been replaced by the AR8200B.


Order # Item Description List Price Your Price Order
  ABF125 VHF Airband Filter (Bandpass 108-136 MHz) Discontinued
  ABF128 VHF Airband Filter, Bandpass: 108-136 MHz. (BNC M to BNC F) Not in stock
  CU-8232 RS-232 Remote control interface. Discontinued
  SAC8000 Data Interface Cable AR8000 to SCOUT. VIEW
  SC8000 Vinyl carry case. Discontinued

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