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PCR1000 Bonito Software

Bonito Software

The Bonito BON CS40 Windows Software CD runs on the new Windows versions including 95, 98, ME, XP. It adds many new capabilities to your PCR1000-02. Click her to view Bonito screen. Now you can enjoy:

  • Basic Radio control functions with spectrum scope.
  • Computer controlled DSP for tailoring your audio with separate bass and treble controls.
  • Tweak your filters for smoothing the upper and lower ends of the audio spectrum.
  • Engage the Notch Filter to reduce annoying pops, buzzes and other interference.
  • Use yours computer's sound card (not supplied) to enhance the signal.
  • Decode: RTTY, FAX, CW, SSTV, SITOR-B and PSK-31.
  • Record incoming audio on your hard drive.

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