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Icom IC-R9000
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Icom R9000

The Icom IC-R9000 is an all-mode, wideband receiver that continuously covers a frequency range of 100 kHz to 1999.8 MHz. The most visible of the radio's many advanced features is the built-in multifunction 5 inch CRT display. Receive frequencies, modes and additional useful data are displayed for your operating convenience. The CRT functions as a spectrum scope to show you, at a glance, the relative signal strengths of nearby receive frequencies. The span of the spectrum scope can be selected for ▒25, ▒50 or ▒100 kHz according to your needs. The screen can also display the contents of 10 memories at once, and can be scrolled to display other memories. The CRT can also be used as a display device to monitor RTTY or packet via an ASCII RS-232 input port (external data converter required). The R9000 boasts a total of 1000 memories (ten banks of 100) store frequencies, mode, filter width and tuning step increments. You can use different memory banks according to station type, frequency ranges or whatever your preference. By using the memory list screen, many more convenient functions are provided: up to eight character notes for your reference; and the advanced super convenient memory editor function easily moves, copies and deletes the memory contents. Tuning steps: 10 Hz, 100 Hz, 1 kHz, 5 kHz, 9 kHz, 10 kHz, 12.5 kHz, 20 kHz, 25 kHz and 100 kHz. The R9000 has seven different scan modes with adjust scan speeds up to 13 channels/sec. Program Scan scans between pre-programmed scan edges. Memory Scan scans memory channels. Selected Number Memory Scan scans memory channels with the same programmed mode. Priority Scan monitors specified memory channels. DF Scan scans around the receiving frequency. Auto Memory Write Scan programs receive frequencies into memory channels (900-999) during programmed scan. The R9000 also provides versatile scan resume functions when a signal is received: the scan cancels, pauses until a signal disappears, pauses for an adjustable time, or pauses for the mixed conditions of signal activity and time. The Voice Scan Control systems allows you to skip inconvenient signals such as signals with no modulation, heterodynes or noise.

Superior interference rejection is achieved with both IF shift and notch filters. Control features include dual clocks with two kinds of sleep timers and five independent daily timers. Noise reduction is accomplished with a wide-narrow noise blanker. This radio even has seperate Bass and Treble controls. The squelch can operate by meter or noise level. A keypad is provided for rapid frequency entry. A speaker is built into the top panel. Rack mounting handles are included. There are plenty of input and output jacks on the rear panel including:  DC Out, Ext. Spkr., Record Remote, Speech Out, Line Out, IF (10.7 MHz) Out, Video In/Out, Data In, Acc., plus four antenna jacks.

Frequency Range ....... 0.1-1999.8 MHz
Power ................. 110-120 VAC
Antenna Impedance ..... 50 ohm unbalanced
Selectivity (-6dB) .... AM 6.0 kHz
                        FM-N	15 kHz
                        FM-W	150 kHz
                        SSB/CW	2.4 kHz
Sensitivity ........... .16 ÁV 1.6-30 MHz
                        .32 ÁV 30-999 MHz
                        .63 ÁV 1000-1239 MHz
                        .32 ÁV 1240-1300 MHz
                        .63 ÁV 1300-1600 MHz
                        1.0 ÁV 1600-1998 MHz
                        SSB (10 dB S/N)
Antenna Jacks..........	.1-30 MHz SO-239 
                        .1-30 MHz RCA (HF Antenna Two)
                        30-1000 MHz N
                        1000-1999 MHz N
Audio Output .......... 2.5 Watts 4 - 8 Ohms.
Dimensions ............ 16.8 x 6 x 14.375 inches
Weight ................ 44.2 lbs.  (20 kg)
Specifications are subject to change.

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  AH7000 AH-7000 This discone antenna receives 25 to 1300 MHz. It can also be used for transmit on 50, 144, 430, 900 and 1200 MHz ham bands (under 100W). The discone design offers the best performance possible in an omni-directional antenna. 5.5 feet (1.7 m) high and attaches to any standard mast (not supplied) with two supplied U-bolts. Includes a preassembled 50 foot cable with an N connector at each end. This connects directly to the Icom R100/7000/7100/8500/9000. Discontinued
   SP20 SP-20 External speaker with built-in audio filters. Includes audio cable. (Matches:  R7000 or R7100).  Discontinued
  CT17 CT-17 CI-V Level Converter for connection to PC RS-232C port. Discontinued
  UT36 UT-36 Voice synthesizer announces frequency (English or Japanese). INFO  Discontinued

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