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When Tivoli Audio CEO Tom DeVesto and his team of engineers set out to create the next generation of home audio, they began with a simple question: What would the ideal radio do? The new Tivoli Audio NetWorks radio is the answer to that question. Taking advantage of broadcasting over the Internet, NetWorks delivers crystal-clear reception of any radio station, near or far, with no need for a computer. NetWorks allows listeners to tune in to Italian Opera from Milan, rock music from New York City, or any specialty, niche radio station from any location in the world in its native language, and in real time. It also allows access to music stored on PCs from any room in the house through a wireless or Ethernet connection. NetWorks features Tivoli Audio-quality sound as a stand-alone unit, but can be expanded with a stereo speaker, CD player, or subwoofer. And the NetWorks radio builds upon Tivoli Audio’s reputation as a design leader, offering furniture-quality hardwood cabinets. The result is an elegantly simple, beautifully designed, yet technologically-advanced NetWorks that points to the future of home audio entertainment.

These receivers include a wireless remote (with battery) and 18 inch USB cable. 8.74"H x 5.51"W x 5.12"D 4 Lbs.
Please note that this is still a current Tivoli model, but no longer carried by Universal Radio.

Order # Model Finish Description Price Order
  NFCHG Cherry/Gold WiFi Internet Radio with FM tuner    NLA

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