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AE Wi-Fi Radio

The Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi Internet Radio is the most exciting radio development this decade. This revolutionary radio lets you listen to over 3500 Internet radio stations from around the globe with no signal problems, no pops and crackles, no international content boundaries. And if your favorite Internet radio stations are not listed, you can easily add them using the Add a Station Tool. Best of all, you'll pay no subscription fees!

There are thousands of Internet radio stations broadcasting all over the globe, and the AE Wi-Fi Radio is one of the first radios that can access all of these stations from anywhere you have a wireless broadband Internet connection. Right now, over 2,700 stations are on the AE Wi-Fi Radio’s broadcast list (and the number of stations is growing every week). Most of these stations broadcast at or near CD-quality, and many stations even broadcast at 192K which is better than CD quality and a huge step up from any satellite radio.

The AE Wi-Fi Internet Radio is a stand-alone system that works right out of the box. This means no software to load, no complex set-up operations, and no need to be a computer expert. In fact you can tune in Internet radio without even turning on your computer (but does require you be within the range of a Wi-Fi signal). Simply plug the radio into an AC power outlet located within range of your wireless Internet signal and then press the power button to turn it on. The AE Wi-Fi Internet Radio automatically uploads available stations and lists them alphabetically by country and category. All you have to do is select a station and press play. The controls are simple to use.

The AE Wi-Fi Radio can even tune in to MP3, Real Media, and other WMA compatible audio files saved on your computer's hard drive — and it's all wireless! The Acoustic Energy Wi-Fi Internet Radio takes the complexity out of Internet radio, and makes it convenient and easy to access programs through a traditional table-top-style radio-like interface. And best of all, there are no subscription fees! Click here for a list of available stations via the Reciva website. This unit is designed for type (802.11g/b) wireless routers.

  • Supports Real Media, MP3 and WMA Compatible Formats
  • Plug and Play Simplicity
  • Plays Music Stored On Your PC or Mac
  • Clock With Alarm
  • Also Supports WPA Encryption (WPA1)
  • Upgradable
  • No Subscriptions to Pay
  • Alphabetically Listed Channels
  • Search by Country or Category
  • 802.11b and 802.11g Compatible
  • Supports HTTP Protocol
  • Built-in speaker

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