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Maxon WX-80
SAME Weather Monitor


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The Maxon WX-80 provides automatic reception of severe weather broadcasts issued by the National Weather Service. Selectable alert modes allow you to choose the type of warning you wish to receive — and filter the ones you do not. You can select one of the seven N.O.A.A. frequencies. This radio can store up to 15 SAME geographic codes and meets EAS (Emergency Alert System) standards. The backlit, 8 character LCD display shows specific emergency messages such as:  TORNADO WATCH, WINTER STORM WARNING, etc.

The WX-80 comes with an AC/DC power adapter. You can install a 9 volt backup battery (not supplied) to insure you will receive weather updates even if a power outage occurs. A telescopic antenna is featured, plus there is an RCA phono jack if you wish to attach an external antenna. This radio includes a wall mount bracket. One year manufacturer's limited warranty. Click here for specifications.

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