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Bearcat WX100
Weather Receiver


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The Bearcat WX100 digital, all-hazard alert radio features SAME (Specific Area Message Encoding) technology. With regular weather alert radios you can be awakened all night by alerts from areas too far away to effect you. Now if the alert sounds you know it is for your area. This model can automatically alert you by specific county or area. False alarms are eliminated.

The one line, 8 character LCD displays different watches or warnings. There are also separate LED indicators for Statement, Watch and Warning. The WX100 has a digital clock-alarm function and features a telescopic whip plus has an external antenna jack (RCA phono jack). There is also an accessory terminal set for keying external alert devices such as strobe lights or pillow vibrators (not supplied). A wall bracket with screws is included for mounting it on a vertical surface. Install a 9 volt battery (not supplied) for backup power to ensure temporary use during power outages.

The WX100 comes with a Uniden AD-100W AC power supply. This model receives all seven weather channels. 7.1 x 2 x 5.5 inches (180x45x131 mm). One year limited warranty. Click here for specifications.

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