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First Alert WX-167

The First Alert WX-167 features accurate Digital Tuning that uses accurate digital crystal controlled PLL (phase locked loop) tuning for all (7) NWR Channels. Analog radios which are tuned by turning a knob are prone to drift off of the set station over time and temperature changes. The controls are logical and easy to use.

The (S.A.M.E Specific Area Message Encoding) technology allows the radio to decode the digital broadcast information for all types of emergency, both civil (radiological, oil spills and chemical releases)natural (weather, earthquakes and volcano activities). These emergency alerts can be targeted to a specific area, with a granularity of 1/9th of a county. The text of the event is then shown on the LCD.

Constantly monitors one of the seven NOAA Weather Radio channels (162.400 162.550 MHz) for any emergency notifications i.e. civil emergency, AMBER Alert. There are more than 900+ NWR Stations covering 95% of US population. The system is used daily, and tested weekly.

A two tone alert siren which sounds when an emergency alert is received. The siren can be set to mute, LOW (80 dBa), or HIGH (90 dBa). Up to 20 locations can be programmed into the radio, ensuring that users are only alerted to Emergency Alerts which pertain to their specific area. A county can be divided into 9 sub-regions.

The NWR transmitters are tested weekly. The radio includes an automatic test monitor, which listens for these weekly tests to ensure that the radio is receiving a proper signal.

There are outputs for remote alert (to strobes, sirens, etc. (not supplied). Thee WX-167 features its own telescopic whip, but there is also an external antenna input (F type). During AC power outages the unit will maintain normal operation if 5 AA cells are inserted (not supplied). There is a switch to select whether you are using Ni-Cad/Ni-MH or Alkaline type. Typically alkalines will provide about 24 hours of backup operation and Ni-Cad/Ni-MH about 12). This radio comes with a 12 VDC AC wall adapter.

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