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  La Crosse Technology WS-2010

The La Crosse Technology WS-3610U-CH is a feature-rich, touch screen weather station, with brushed aluminum trim panels that contrast nicely with the silver plastic body and silver LCD display panel. Complete weather data is available on the compact, backlit LCD display (which is blue when illuminated), or the data can be imported to and displayed on a PC using the included interface, cable, and software.

The WS-3610U-CH is similar to the WS-2315 series weather stations in that the outdoor sensors are wired together, from the wind speed and rainfall sensors back to the thermo-hygrometer sensor, but the data link from the thermo-hygro sensor to the base station can be wired or wireless (your choice). When the link from the outdoor sensors to the console is wireless, no cables need to be run out to the sensors, and the outdoor sensors operate on battery power. When wired, the remotes are powered by the console. When used in wireless mode, additional display consoles may be used in other locations, limited only by transmission range (up to 330 feet in free air with no obstructions, walls, or interference).

* Large LCD Touch Screen Display Activates with Slightest Touch
* Records 1750 Sets of Weather Data History with "Heavy Weather PRO" PC Software and an Option to Upload the Data to your Website
* Upload Weather Data to Your PC with Easy Serial COM Port Connection *
* Rainfall Data (inches or millimeters) in 1-hour & 24-hours
* Records MAX Rainfall with Time and Date Stamp
* Wind Direction with LCD Compass (numerical (e.g. 225) or abbreviated characters (e.g. SW))
* Wind Chill (F or C)
* Records MIN & MAX Wind Chill with Time and Date Stamp
* Wind Speed (mph, km/h, m/s, knots, or Beaufort)
* Records MAX Wind Speed with Time and Date Stamp
* Barometric Pressure with 72 Hour History Graph (inHg or hPa)
* Barometric Pressure Tendency Arrow
* Multiple Weather Alarms
* Forecast Icon Based on Changing Barometric Pressure
* Dew Point (F or C)
* Records MIN & MAX Dew Point with Time and Date Stamp
* Wireless Outdoor Humidity (%RH)
* Indoor Humidity (%RH)
* Records MIN & MAX Humidity with Time and Date Stamp
* Wireless Outdoor Temperature (F or C)
* Indoor Temperature (F or C)
* Records MIN & MAX Temperature with Time and Date Stamp
* Atomic Time and Date with Manual Setting
* Automatically Updates for Daylight Saving Time (On/Off Option)
* 12 or 24 Hour Display
* Perpetual Calendar
* Time Zone Setting
* Time Alarm
* EL Backlight
* Swiss Precision Sensor
* Wall Hanging or Free Standing

The station's weather-forecasting feature senses barometric pressure over time and adjusts the indicator icons and tendency arrows to provide accurate forecasts based on pressure trends. A programmable alarm option allows alarms to be set for certain weather conditions (such as danger of frost, possibility of storms, unfavorable air pressure and temperature tendencies, and the like). Up to 13 different alarm types, many with both high and low alarm thresholds, can be programmed and set.

Compact in size at approximately 8 3/4 inches high by 6 inches wide. The base station has a foldout support for use a freestanding unit on a table or desk, or you can mount the unit on a wall. All cables use standard telephone wire and modular connectors. They can be extended up to an additional 32 feet, depending on the electrical interference present in the local environment.

The three remote sensors supplied with the station include a rainfall sensor, a wind speed and direction sensor, and an outdoor temperature/humidity sensor. Both the rainfall sensor and the wind speed and direction sensor are wired to the thermo-hygro sensor (32-foot replaceable cables provided) to share power and the data uplink path. The uplink path can be either wireless (up to 330 feet in clear air) or wired via the included 32 foot-cable.

The sensors are powered by shared batteries in the thermo-hygro remote, or by power supplied by the base station when operating in the wired mode. Powering options are as follows:
* Base station and remotes can be battery-powered, in which case the base station uses 3 AA (1.5V) alkaline batteries and the thermo-hygro remote uses 2 size C alkaline batteries.
* Base station can be powered by the included ac adapter, and remotes can be battery-powered by 2 size C alkaline batteries in the thermo-hygro remote.
* Both base station and remotes can be powered by the included ac adapter if the data-link cable is connected from the base station to the thermo-hygro remote. In this case, you can still install batteries in the base station and the remote for power backup in case of ac power failure.

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