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Oregon Scientific
WR-3000 AC

Weather Receiver


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The Oregon Scientific WR-3000 AC is simple to use. You can relax while this radio monitors the U.S. Emergency Alert System and reports 24-hour NOAA weather bulletins, including emergency alerts for tornadoes, hurricanes and other dangerous conditions. This radio is a must for coastal or "tornado alley" homes, this radio is also indispensable in schools, childcare facilities, health care centers, and senior homes.

It features a jumbo, backlit LCD and clock function. Set to convenient "standby" mode and the radio becomes silent until an emergency alert activates the loud warning tone, red "alert" LED. It has its own, built-in, telescopic whip antenna.

This radio operates on three C cells (not supplied). An AC adapter is included. 6 x 2 x 4 inches.

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