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The Oregon Scientific WR-196T is a stylish, versatile and sophisticated all-hazard radio. On your nightstand or mounted on a wall, this radio will help you stay informed and safe with 24-hour NOAA weather forecasts and warnings of imminent severe weather like tornadoes and hurricanes.

State-of-the-art Specific Area Messaging Encoding (S.A.M.E.) technology gives you the option of screening out unwanted broadcasts and receiving alerts only for the geographical areas you pre-program (up to nine counties of your choice). The WR-196 also receives National Weather Service broadcasts (all 7 channels) and alerts vital to survival in the aftermath of earthquakes, storms, floods, explosions, radiation emergencies, toxic chemical spills and other life threatening disasters.

There is a "standby" mode silences the radio until an alert triggers both audible and visual warnings...or enjoy the AM/FM radio with ten station memory. That's right, the WR-196 also features an AM/FM radio. AM covers 540-1600 kHz and FM from 88-109.2 MHz. And don't worry, if the weather doesn't wake you, the radio's clock alarm (12 hour format) with snooze (8 minute) feature will. There is also a "sleep" function that turns the radio off after 15, 30, 60, 90 or 120 minutes. When the radio is off the LCD shows the indoor temperature.

This radio comes with a 7.5 VDC wall adapter. You may insert three AA cells for battery-backup during power outages. There is also an external antenna jack (RCA phono) for connecting an optional external antenna for improved weather reception. Only 5.25(W) x 6.75(L) x .875(D) inches 11.2 oz. (135x174x23mm 320 g).

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