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Davis 7400
Perception II
Indoor Monitor


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 Davis Perception II Indoor

The Davis Perception II monitors indoor climate using the most advanced technology available today. Temperature, barometric pressure and humidity are shown simultaneously on one easy-to-read display. Monitor your wine cellar, greenhouse or any other climate dependent area. Racers can even calculate the air density index to accurately tune the car's carburetor. The current time may be displayed in 12 or 24 hour format. You can turn the LCD illumination on or off. A solid state transducer is employed to measure atmospheric pressure at your location and can be indicated in inches of mercury, millimeters of mercury or millibars. There is also an arrow indication which appears on the bottom right hand corner of the display that indicates which way barometric pressure is trending.

The Perception II features a set of alarms which can be programmed to sound whenever a reading passes a particular point. This is for temperature and humidity. There is also a barometric trend alarm. And of course, also a standard time alarm (like an alarm clock).

The Perception II requires virtually no installation and comes complete with power adapter and detailed instruction book. This device comes with an 120 VAC AC adapter that delivers 9 VDC 200 ma. The Perception II can also be operated from 12 VDC using an optional Car/Boat/RV lighter cord. It is also recommended that you install a 9 volt battery (not supplied) to retain data and continue use during power interruptions. A 9 volt alkaline battery will typically operate this device for 24 to 48 hours. This instrument may operate on a flat surface or may be mounted on a wall (wall bracket and screws are provided).

Temperature F°: 32° to 140° F in 0.1° or 1.0° resolution
Temperature C°: 0° to 60° F in 0.1° or 1.0° resolution
Barometric Pressure Inches: 26.00-32.00 inches at 0.01 inches resolution
Barometric Pressure Millimeters: 660.0-810.0 inches at 0.1 mm resolution
Barometric Pressure Millibars: 880.0-1080.0 mb at 0.1 mb resolution
Humidity: 10% to 90% at 1% resolution


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  Davis 7862 WeatherLink Windows software for Perception II.
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