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Friend: James Rubin W4PKR - USA
BC came into my life 13 years ago when a friend and his wife could no longer keep him. They had picked him up at a shelter a year earlier. Since then, BC and I have done a lot of scanning, shortwave listening and more recently; hamming. He’s a big guy (14.5 lbs is his “fighting weight”) and he used to be even bigger. At one point I let him get up to 25 lbs! Because of that he has been diabetic for the last four years. I got him to lose weight, but it was too late (a word to the wise).

BC, as you can see in the photo likes to keep guard over my shack. The piles of paper do not deter him, in fact, when he is hungry he enjoys knocking stuff off the desk to get my attention and FEED HIM. Of course, I just do what I am told …

BC passed away from complications of diabetes on October 3rd, 2011.
He was an awesome cat and a great companion.

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