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Muffin and Buddy
Friend: L. Bursch KB1FHJ - USA
Muffin is truly one of the family as you will see. He now has his own place setting on the kitchen table like the rest of us. Not many cats in this world can say that. That was a move out of necessity though. A dog (Welsh Corgi Pup) was given to us last fall because his owners could no longer take care of him. Of course my wife said yes god bless her evening though we had a cat.

Well it turns out the dog's a garbage disposal on 4 legs, and if we didn't have Muffins food on the table, it would disappear very quickly. Muffin enjoys taking turns eating with who ever is at the table at the time, and enjoys every minute of it. You can hear him purr and eat at the same time. Sometimes he will just curl up and lay there on the table, and watch us eat, and while laying there pull his dish to him to eat. Like I said he has a real thumb and uses it like one. He also takes up about one quarter of the table doing it too. You see, cats can jump and climb and dogs can't, especially this one with his incredibly short legs. Cats are also very polite and quiet when they eat, and dogs slobber their water, and sound like garbage disposals when they eat. But that does provide a certain amount of entertainment for Muffin. He just stops eating, sits up and looks down at him in disgust, then resumes eating.

When I say Muffin is the perfect alarm clock I mean it too. He will come into the bedroom in the morning at 5am and stomp all over me until I get up. And when 19 pounds of cat does that, you get up of course. Then I carry him out to the garage to pick out his kitty food go back to the kitchen and we sit down together for breakfast. If I don't do that, then he will follow me back into the bedroom, and proceed to stomp all over me again until I go back out to the kitchen, and eat with him. I think I've spoiled him. We also have continued the tradition that my late- father started, and that's his birthday cake every year. What more could a cat ask for?

So there you have the rest of the story as Paul Harvey would say. Our house now is just like Jon's in the comic strip Garfield. Muffin is truly like Garfield , which is his middle name incidentally, and Buddy is just like Odie. I've included a picture of the two which you don't have to add. So far Muffin hasn't smacked Buddy when he gets fresh, but I'm sure he could do a number on that dog if he wanted to, with his 6 claws on each of his huge paws. But he's too much of a gentleman to do it. It's a shame there's cats in this world that will never experience this kind of life.

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