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Friend: T. Pearson KØTBP - USA
Patches was only with the Pearson family for 2 years. We raised her from just a kitten too small for solid food so we bottle fed her and her sister Angel. They were like our kids and Amber and Brandon (our children) learned a lot about taking care of the cats. We all grew very close to them. Patches was gentle and loving and because we had bottle fed them we had a very close connection to her. They hardest thing we ever had to do was take her to the vet to have her put to sleep after just 2 short years with us. She had a terrible incurable kidney disease and had gone from a healthy 11 pounds to just 6 pounds. We had to end her suffering. There is nobody that can tell any member of our family that the cats we love do not have a soul. I am convinced we will see them in the after life. “We will always love you Patches and I am sure your sister Angel misses you as much as we do.” “Thank you for being a part of our life Patchy and we will all hold you again one day.”
All our Love,
Trent, Renee, Brandon, and Amber

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