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Universal Customer Cat Bios  

Friend: D. Hacker - USA
When he was about 13 years old, my son Rick brought Kat home. She was also a stray and was hanging around outside his friend’s apartment. They fed her for a couple of weeks while they tried to find the owner. They posted signs and put an ad in the paper, but nobody called. Rick’s friend already had 4 cats and his mother told him they couldn’t keep any more. The friend’s mother was going to take her to the SPCA, so Rick decided to take Kat home (in his backpack while he rode his bike home). Fortunately, my wife Kate (a cat person) liked Kat and we decided to keep her, unless someone answered the ad, of course. No one wanted to name her until we waited to be sure no one was going to claim her, so we just referred to her as “cat”. When no one claimed her, we decided to keep the name with a slight change to “Kat”.

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