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Rabbi Ginsberg [aka Snickers]
Friend: Lee Diemer KE7TTY - USA
Rabbi Ginsberg is about 11 years old and came to us last year [June/2007] from some friends who could no longer take care of him. They knew WE absolutely ADORED him because every time we came to visit it was as if we came to visit HIM!!! So, they gave him to us when they could no longer take care of him. He's so affectionate and will make "matzo balls" [kneading -- instead of biscuits because he's Jewish] on your chest! A good size kitty at about 18 lbs. bacon is one of his favorite but infrequent snacks even though it's NOT Kosher! You can watch him eating Lee's chicken on our table:
Have your speakers on -- hysterical! He has been a wonderful addition to our family! Don't ya know, Cat's Rule!!

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