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Universal Customer Cat Bios  

Friend: C. Richardson KB4FUW - USA
The cat is Abby-Nermal — like Abby-Normal from Young Frankenstein, but Nermal from the "world’s cutest cat". The oldest daughter found her on the father in law’s side porch just before a cold wet week. She was obviously lost and hungry, though the inlaws had left out some food for her. The daughter brought her home and took her to the vet. The vet thought she was 4 weeks old, no we found out a bit later, she was 8 weeks, just starving. Actually the vet didn’t know if she would make it through the night. So the daughter brought her home and fed her good stuff, milk. She eventually got better and now is silky and sleek. She is a doxhound (spelling) cat. By this I mean that when she normally would be growing long legs, she was starving and they didn’t grow, so she is low to the ground. She also has a permanent kittenish face with a few scars on it (apparently a dog had gotten into the nest and she had a hard time of it. She also has a rib that healed about ½” out of place, but she deals with it nicely). She likes to get under the covers at night and get warm. She snuggles up under our back sides where we make a tent with our legs. Once I was imprudent and sounded a warning blast. She, with authority, slapped me on the thigh resoundidly, and stomped out from under the covers while giving me a look that would make my wife proud.

She liked to take water from me when I shaved in the mornings. I would require her to give me a nose touch before she got her water. Many times she would give me an air kiss but that was not good enough and water was withheld. So, now she has turned the tables. She sits by my chair in the mornings waiting to take a sip out of my morning pill taking water. If I try to pet her before water is offered, she runs off in a huff, and comes back shortly to sit where the glass will eventually sit. Then, after I have taken my pills, I put the water down, tap the glass and verbally let her know that it is time to drink. Then, and only then, will she allow me to pet her, but only while she is drinking. She also brings toy mice and hair thingies and puts them in the wife’s shoes while we sleep.

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