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Choo Choo
Choo Choo
Friend: Michael Harvey KB8UXX - USA
Choo Choo has been a great buddy of mine. She was born some 18 years ago in a wood pile outside my home. Her Father and Mother were alley cats. She was abandoned a few weeks later by her parents and I caught her. She was a very sick kitten but with good medical attention and T L C, I brought her back to good health. Choo Choo is a total house cat and sleeps many a night aside of me in the easy chair. I gave her the name of Choo Choo because I also love trains. I collect railroadiana lamps, lanterns and items. It is my second hobby besides Amateur Radio. I am a local member and supporter of an cat rescue team called SART. SART is a non-profit cat adoption service in St. Marys, Ohio that is dedicated to the rescue and rehabilitation of the stray cats. They save cats that have been left homeless in the streets and provide them with a second chance at life in happy homes. We have 150 cats and take care of them very well.

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