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Miss Velcro
Miss Velcro
Bernie KJ4VOV - USA
After losing her eye and healing a bit she was sitting on my lap one day being petted. She lifted her head up towards me as I looked down at her, and winked at me. With the missing eye. It kind of freaked me out, and I called the wife at work and then took her straight to the vet. Her vet specializes in eye diseases, and was completely perplexed by what had happened. Normally, with this type of surgery, the eye is removed and the socket closed in two stages, with the inner socket carefully sutured closed in layers, then the outer socket and the lids sutured closed so that they fuse together and cover the socket. The muscles controlling the eye, lids and surrounding tissues atrophy and that's that. In her case, while the inner layer healed beautifully, the lids never fused and the muscles never atrophied, and eventually pulled back open. She has, in effect, just a black empty socket there, with fully functional lids and eyebrows, and she opens and closes it along with her right eye. Her vet says that in all the hundreds of surgeries she's done, and reading over all the material she can find, even consulting with a number of schools, she's been unable to find any case quite like it. We regularly check the socket for debris or anything that might get into it, and she gets vet checks twice a year, but the vet says as long as it stays clean and doesn't cause other problems then it's best to leave it the way it is and not subject her to further surgery.

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