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Growly Girl
Growly Girl
Mark Pogany WB8ZTP - USA
GG (Growly Girl) showed up starving and very skinny, eating our other cat's food. For a month you couldn't get close to her, she would run at any sight of a person. One day I came home my XYL Connie said come see our new kitten, she took all day to gain her trust. She said watch this, she shook the food bowl and this kitten came bursting out of the woods! She sure did eat, never stopping for a breath. She ate all in the bowl. Connie reached down to refill and she started growling at her thinking the food bowl was going away. We knew the perfect name, Growly Girl, (GG for short).

Now we can't get away from her, she follows us everywhere, and loves sitting on laps. She also loves playing with all the coax under my desk.

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