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Universal Customer Cat Bios  

Friend: Erik NI6G - USA
As an eight-week old kitten, Rosie initiated the adoption process at the local animal shelter in 2003. It is absolutely true that cats choose their owners. After the cure of an eye infection and interim of quarantine, Rosie settled in most happily with her new papa. She brings me much joy and comfort. Everywhere I go throughout the house; Rosie follows. Her favorite activities are making herself comfy on my outstretched legs while I peruse the Universal Radio website and tune the amateur bands. Also, at night, Rosie has her own special pillow next to my head and purrs us both to sleep. Her athleticism, feats of gymnastics, and strength are highly admirable. It is a blessing that Rosie vastly prefers the sanctity and safety of the indoors, never wandering far from her dominion. I love my Rosie and she is my best feline friend in the universe.

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