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Universal Customer Cat Bios  

Friend: Connie & Mark Pogany WB8ZTP - USA
Our newest addition, Tatti, was adopted from a local no kill animal hospital in Reynoldsburg, Ohio. She was destined to a life on the streets of Columbus, born behind the TAT Ristorante di Famiglia. The rescue group finally got the whole family including Mom and had her fixed and released back behind the restaurant where the folks take care of her. Tatti (named Lydia at the vet) and her brother were in the lobby when we went to adopt a kitten, of course they were both cute but we wanted a female, she took right to us, running all over the office, not afraid of the dogs waiting for their appointments. She was it. She’s an ACTIVE one as you would expect of kittens and loves sitting in our laps when she finally wears down.

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