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Universal Customer Cat Bios  

Friend: Andy Freeman WAAA - USA
This is my cat George who is 20 years old. He is a Chantilly/Tiffany. This American breed was derived mainly from cross-breeding long-haired Asians and Burmese. George's life was saved by my wife in 1995 when she grabbed a young boy who was about to throw him into a large bonfire. She grabbed the boy by the shirt and pulled him to the ground and took the kitty away from him. He has been with us ever since. George hangs out in my shack on a regular basis. He likes to check the cluster, work CW (using a secret code he has devised) and sit on my amp. He only sits on the amp when it is off or he is posing for a picture. He is also an 'alarm cat' with a 5 AM alarm setting.

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