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Merida & Smudge
Merida & Smudge
Friend: John K2JN & Jodi Carlini - USA
Merida and Smudge (both female) were born in a horse barn in Aldie, Virginia about three years ago. We took them in shortly after spotting Merida under a hay pallet. The initial plan was to trap, spay and release, however, they decided that domestic life was better than the wild.

Both cats closely resemble the Turkish Van breed in appearance. Smudge is a bit bigger than Merida and has a grey spot on the top of her head. When we retired, we moved them both out to our ranch in Northern Wyoming and they live with Nikita (Maine Coon rescue previously listed on page 302). All of the cats are indoor animals and enjoy the pampered life of cat nip, cat grass, scratching posts and a house full of toys.

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