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Romana & ElektraRomana & Elektra
Romana & Elektra
Friend: Royce Chesser KC8NMG - USA
This is Romana (left) and Elektra (right). Elektra is a miniature cat. It may difficult to determine from the photos because of the angle of the photos, or because the cats being curled up, but Elektra is around the size of a six month old kitten even though she is now 7 years old. She still seems to think and act like a kitten as well. Romana is a normal size cat and is now 6 years old. They knew each other from the shelter, of course, and are really good buddies with each other. They are both very gentle and loving cats. Romana is very smart and is actually learning to give me high-fives when she successfully plays catch with her toy mouse.

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