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 Ears to Our World is a new humanitarian organization focusing on the distribution of shortwave radios in the 
 developing world. The mission is specifically designed to enable children in the most remote, impoverished 
 parts of the world to educational programming, local and international news, emergency information and music 
 through the use of shortwave receivers. The initial focus will be on getting radios into the classroom.

 Universal Radio donated the initial trial group of Grundig FR200 radios for Africa. 
 Serah Mucha, Ears to Our World partner with World Corps Kenya, delivered the first Grundig shortwave radio 
 to Saint Catherine's School in Kibera, Kenya.

 Recently, Etón CEO and Chairman, Dr. Esmail Amid-Hozour, offered his enthusiastic support of this 
 program with a generous commitment of hundreds of Grundig FR200 radios!

 For more information on Ears to Our World visit:

Universal Radio, Inc.