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Frequently Asked Questions 
  Questions about this web site.
Why does Universal Radio have three web sites?
We actually have just two. Our primary site is This same site may also be reached by typing Universal Radio Research sponsors which is an informational site covering the radio hobby.
Why don't you add a product search function to your on-line catalog?
A product search feature has recently been added. Click here to view site search
Does your print catalog have more items than your on-line catalog?
No, our on-line catalog now contains more information than our print catalog.
Why does your online catalog show recently discontinued radios?
We leave this information displayed since the radio may still be available from other stores. Plus we often carry optional items for a period of time after the radio itself has been discontinued.
  Questions about Universal Radio.
Is Universal still in Reynoldsburg?
Universal was founded in 1942 by F.R. "Gibby" Gibb W8IJ. Universal Service, as it was then called, was located on North Third Street in downtown Columbus, Ohio. Universal carried all the major lines of the time including Millen, Drake, Collins, Hammarlund, Hallicrafters, Johnson and National. After Gibby died, his wife ran the business briefly and sold it to another owner, Thomas Harrington who in 1977 who moved it to Reynoldsburg (a suburb east of Columbus). The company was acquired in 1982 by Fred Osterman, (who unfortunately, never met Gibby). The company moved a third time in 1992 to Reynoldsburg where it was located for 25 years. On October 16th it moved to its current location in Worthington, Ohio.
  Questions about the cats.
Why do you have office cats?
Central Ohio, like many other places, has a large population of stray and feral homeless cats. The original five cats we have showed up shortly after our building was constructed in 1992. They decided they liked living indoors better than outdoors. They were a big happy family that we don't want to break up. All our cats are spayed or neutered and have their own room to sleep in at night. There are currently just four cats living at Universal Radio. If you are allergic to cats, we will be sure they are not in the sales area during your visit.
Why don't I see the cats when I visit Universal Radio?
Since some these cats were born wild they are usually quite shy (unless its "cream cheese" time). They prefer to stay in the back office area, and will usually only wander into the showroom when there are no customers.

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