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  Questions about used equipment.
Has your used equipment been tested?
Yes. Used equipment is carefully checked by one our two qualified service techs before being offered for sale.
Does your used equipment have a warranty?
Yes, unless noted otherwise our used equipment has a 60 day limited warranty covering parts and labor. Even our used vacuum tubes have a 60 day limited warranty.
Does your used equipment warranty cover the batteries?
No. Battery integrity is not guaranteed on used radios.
May used items be returned?
All returns must be within 14 days, and returned in as sold condition. Please call for an RA number. Returns should be be properly boxed and insured. Universal reserves the right to charge a 15% restock fee.
Are the used equipment photographs on the website of the actual item?
Yes, the photographs represent the actual item offered for sale. "Stock" photos are not used.
Why do you archive sold items?
Our customers find the information in our sold archive interesting and informative.
Why are some items marked "HOLD"?
"Hold" items are awaiting customer payment or credit card authorization.
If the sale is not completed the item will be re-offered for sale.
Why are some items marked "SOLD"?
"Sold" items are awaiting transfer to the sold archive.
Where does your used equipment come from?
Most of our used equipment comes in on trade or from estate purchases.
Does Universal buy used radio equipment?
No. Since we no longer have a showroom or service department, we are no longer taking in used equipment for trade or purchase.
Where can I find more technical information on a used item?
If the item is a current model, or just recently discontinued, please check the Universal Radio online catalog. Additional receiver information is available at for vintage tube type and modern solid-state shortwave radios.

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