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UJ72 Kaiwa KA-818   $19.95 SOLD
Portable AM, FM Shortwave Receiver
The Kaiwa KA-818 has a digital display and receives AM, SW and FM bands. SW coverage is: 5.9-6.4, 7-7.5, 9.5-10, 11.6-12.1, 15-15.6 and 17.5-18.3 MHz. There is tuning knob and volume control on the right side The battery compartment on the rear panel accepts two AA cells (not supplied). Comes with belt clip and Owner's Guide. [07/07]
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Sold Used Item
U502 Orbit OR-626   $24.95 SOLD
Portable AM, FM Shortwave Receiver
The tiny Orbit OR-626 is 3.5x3x1 inches and weighs 4 oz. The analog dial covers AM, FM and six shortwave bands. The band is selected from the top of the radio. Has ear jack on side. Includes box, instructions & ear buds.
Requires two AA cells not supplied.
Sold Used Item
U970 Kaide KK-9702   $19.94 SOLD
AM/FM/SW-7 Receiver
The Kaide KK-9702 digital radio receives AM, FM and 7 SW bands. Includes box and Owner's Manual. Requires two AA cells (not supplied).  [07/03]
Coby CX-CB91
W706 Coby CX-CB91   $14.95 SOLD
AM/FM/SW Radio
The Coby CX-CB91 is a compact port radio covering AM, FM and 7 shortwave bands. With clock/alarm feature and built-in speaker. View package rear. Brand new. Never opened. Requires 2 AA batteries (not included).  [09/21]

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