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Sold Used Item
U824 Lowe SP-150   $179.95 SOLD
Speaker, Filter & S-Meter
This Lowe SP150 is designed expressly for the HF-150 series. It is a speaker with audio filter. It also will add an S-Meter to the HF-150, but an HF-150 modification is required. With Lowe 12 VDC PS and original manual.  [08/04]
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Sold Used Item
U400 Lowe PS-150E   $21.95 SOLD
European AC Power Supply
This is the Lowe 220 VAC European power supply for the HF-150. It is strictly for 220 VAC input and features the big European plug.  [07/03]
Sold Used Item
U506 Lowe Antennas   $48.95 SOLD
Shoulder Strap and Telescopic Whip Antennas
These are two antennas for the Lowe HF-150. The first is a right angle telescopic antenna with PL259. The black canvas shoulder strap features a built-in wire antenna that terminates in a special plug that fits the SO-239 input on the back of an HF-150. The two brackets for the the front of the HF150 are included along with the Allen wrench.  [07/03]
Sold Used Item
U823 Lowe RK-150 & RK-150E   $129.95 SOLD
Rack and Rack Extension
This Lowe RK-150 rack stand includes the optional RK-150E extension kit for a total of three levels. Has Lowe logo. This rack is expressly designed to hold the HF-150 and its matching items such as the SP-150, PR-150, etc. [08/04]

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