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Sold Used Item
U104 Lafayette 99-25831   $10.92 SOLD
SWR Field Strength Meter
This Lafayette 99-25831 SWR Field Strength meter includes the box, but the telescopic field strength whip antenna is missing. [07/03]
Sold Used Item
US03 Lafayette 99-2560   $18.95 SOLD
Code Oscillator
This Lafayette 99-2560 code oscillator operates from two C cells (not included). Has clean battery tray. Comes with earphone, instruction sheet and box.  [03/18]
Sold Used Item
UA21 Lafayette 99-4511   $49.95 SOLD
Desk Mic
The Lafayette 99-4511 dual crystal bullet desk mic is on a heavy cast stand. The mic cable terminates to a 1/4 inch plug. In fair condition.  [08/15]
Used Lafayette 99-4579
W211 Lafayette 99-4579   $15.95 SOLD
Hand Mic
The Lafayette 99-4579 hand mic hand mic has a coiled cord that terminates to a standard 4 conductor plug.  [12/19]

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