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Sold Used Item
U143 DSI 3600A   $8.97 SOLD
Frequency Counter
This DSI 3600A frequency counter is untested,
but we are reasonably certain that it does NOT work. Specifications are unknown. No manual, power supply or accessories. It is sold AS-IS, final sale.
Sold Used Item
U169 Projects Unlimited P-1376   $79.94 SOLD
WWV Frequency Calibration Receiver
This device features a built-in speaker. Click here to view left controls or right controls. Manufactured in Dayton, Ohio for a government contract. Emits noise, but does not work and is sold AS-IS. [07/03]
Sold Used Item
U832 Stancor C-2865   $29.95 SOLD
Filter Choke
This Stancor C-2865 appears unused. 0.035 Henries @ 2 amps DC, 0.75 ohms D.C. Res. 1500 V.Ins. [08/04]
Sold Used Item
U041 Alliance Control Box   $38.95 SOLD
Rotor Control Box only!
This control box came in an estate without motor. Click here to view rear panel Untested. AS-IS. [08/03]

The used items on this page have been sold!   They are shown for informational and archival purposes only.

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