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Sold Used Item
UM99 Atlas 180   $199.95 SOLD
HF Amateur Transceiver
This Atlas 180 solid state SSB HF amateur transceiver covers 160 to 20 meters. It comes with a long DC cord, worn Owner's Manual, homemade wooden stand and Shure 404C hand mic.  [07/09]
Sold Used Item
UU02 Atlas 210x   $249.95 SOLD
HF Amateur Transceiver
This Atlas 210x solid state CW/ SSB HF amateur transceiver covering 10, 15, 20, 40 and 80 meters. It has a meter, dimmer switch, ALC control, dial set and 100 kHz calibrator. It has 200 watts input. We measured 100 watts out CW on 40m. Frequency read-out is about 50 kHz low. The rear panel has a substantial heat sink and unusual DC power jack. The cabinet is in good condition. It comes with DC cord with banana plugs, worn Owner's Manual with specifications, and Shure 414A hand mic. Requires 12-14 VDC at 16 Amps. 9.5 x 3.5 x 9.5 inches 7 lbs. S/N TH 5029. [05/18]
Sold Used Item
UI22 Atlas 350-XL   $189.95 SOLD
HF Amateur Transceiver
The Atlas 350-XL transceiver covers the pre-WARC 160-10 meter ham bands. It has a digital display and analog meter. The left side has a speaker. It has a digital display and analog meter. The right side is blank. The rear panel has many I/O jacks. This radio does not include a DC power cord. It calls for a banana plug power cord (not supplied). It comes with the original Owner's Manual (with schematics and specifications) only. This unit has weak receive. Transmit power measured about 100 watts (20m). This radio is not 100%, and will require some attention and rehabilitation. It is sold AS-IS, final sale. S/N 20090A.  [06/11]
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UJ61 Atlas DMK-XL   $69.95 SOLD
Mobile Mount Kit
The Atlas DMK-XL is an optional slide-in mobile mounting kit for the famous Atlas 350-XL. When installed; the power, audio and antenna connections will be made automatically. The rear has an SO-239 jack. Includes accessories and instruction sheet. Appears to have never been put into service. An exceptional find for the Atlas collector.  [06/17]
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Sold Used Item
U833 Atlas MT-1   $24.95 SOLD
Broadband Transformer
This Atlas MT-1 broadband transformer
has taps for 13, 18 and 23 ohms.

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