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Sold Used Item
U859 Hallicrafters SX-117 / HT-44 / PS150   $599.95 SOLD
HF Amateur Receiver, Transmitter & Power Supply
This working vintage Hallicrafters station includes: the SX-117 receiver, the HT-44 transmitter
and PS-150 power supply. The receiver covers the pre-WARC HF bands in AM/LSB/USB modes.
There are analog displays on the receiver and transmitter. Has input for a two conductor
mic jack (mic not supplied). The HT-44 transmits in AM/CW/LSB/USB modes.
The rear panel has the basic interconnect cables. The receiver rear panel has audio terminals,
VFO jack and SO-239 antenna input. The transmitter rear panel has RCA phono jacks and SO-239.
Operates from 120 VAC. With original Owner's Manuals but no box, T-R switch or mic.
Sold Used Item
U867 Hallicrafters SX-117   $149.95 SOLD
Amateur Band Receiver
This Hallicrafters SX-117 receiver has very weak receive and is in poor cosmetic shape. It is sold AS-IS.  [10/04]
Click here for technical info on this discontinued model
Sold Used Item
U866 Hallicrafters HT-44   $79.95 SOLD
Amateur Band Transmitter
This Hallicrafters HT-44 is missing a tube, has no power supply and is in poor cosmetic shape. It is sold AS-IS for parts.  [10/04]

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