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Sold Used Item
U593 Magnavox 1R1214   $199.95 SOLD
Portable Shortwave Receiver
The Magnavox 1R1214 has an analog display with functional backlighting (momentary). It features the band buttons for LW/MW/SW/FM. Has Bass and Treble tone controls and S-meter. The bottom panel has large speaker. The Earphone jack on bottom. The battery compartment holds D cells (not supplied) and fixed 117 VAC cord. No box or manual. Made in Japan.  [05/05]
Sold Used Item
U471 Magnavox AE3405   $79.95 SOLD
Portable Shortwave Receiver
The AE3405 has an analog display, and covers AM, FM and ten shortwave bands. It features LEDS for Tune and Stereo FM. The left side has a tone switch, earphone jack and DC 3V input. The rear panel has a clean battery
compartment for two AA cells (not supplied). The volume control is slightly scratchy. This AE3405 system includes Owners Sheet, box, carry case and earphone.
Sold Used Item
UJ08 Magnavox   $149.95 SOLD
The Magnavox speaker has a wood cabinet. The cabinet and rear panel are in fairly good shape. there is a label on the bottom. Sold untested AS-IS final sale.  [11/16]
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