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Sold Used Item
U114 Heathkit HD-19   $39.93 SOLD
Hybrid Phone Patch
Click here to view rear panel. [07/03]
Sold Used Item
UO84 Heathkit HD-15   $49.95 SOLD
Phone Patch
The Heathkit HD-15 phone patch has connections for the speaker, transceiver and phone line on the back panel.  [01/08]
Sold Used Item
UD17 Heathkit HD-1420   $29.95 SOLD
Longwave Converter
The Heathkit HD-1420 adds longwave coverage (10-500 kHz) to amateur or shortwave radio receivers that do not have it. It connects between the antenna and the receivers antenna jack. The rear panel has SO239s for input and output. Requires 9 VDC. Includes only single sheet instructions (not assembly manual).  [09/06]
Sold Used Item
U117 Heathkit HA-201A   $19.95 SOLD
2M Amplifier
Untested. With manual. Sold AS-IS. [07/03]

W483 Heathkit HD-1250 $89.95 SOLD
Grid Dip Meter
This Heathkit HD-1250 grid dip meter is worn, but includes all the coils and carry case. The top of the carry case is stained. No manual.  [01/10]
Sold Used Item
UR04 Heathkit HM-2140   $99.95 SOLD
Watt Meter
The Heathkit HM-2140 watt meter operates from 1.8 to 30 MHz. Input ranges 200/50 watts. Output ranges 2000/500 watts. The back panel has remoteable sensor with SO-239 input and output. The top panel has a spec sheet taped to it.  [06/08]

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