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U791 Hammarlund HXL-ONE   $599.95 SOLD
Linear Amp
The Hammarlund HXL-ONE covers 80 - 10 meter ham bands with 1000W DC input for CW and 1500W PEP SSB. It features a multifunction meter. We replaced the 120 VAC AC cord on the rear panel and installed a brand new set of matched 572B tubes. Now doing over 900W DC input CW. This was the only amp Hammarlund made, and is rare. With photocopy of the Owner's Manual.  [03/05]
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UQ55 TPL PA3-1FE $54.95 SOLD
This PA3-1FE 2 meter amplifier produces up to 120 watts. Input is 15 to 40 watts and output is 80 to 120 watts for 136-175 MHz. The left side has SO239 input and the right side has SO-239 output. Amp only. Does not include a power cord or 4 pin Jones plug. Requires 13.5 VDC at 14 amps. 11.6 x 5.5 x 3 inches. S/N 5223.  [09/12]
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