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Sold Used Item
U327 Heathkit HD-20   $39.95 SOLD
Crystal Calibrator
This Heathkit HD-20 crystal calibrator puts out a signal every 100 kHz. Operates from 9VDC battery (not supplied) which plugs in the rear. With original manual  [08/05]
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Sold Used Item
UR93 Heathkit HD-1410   $39.95 SOLD
Keyer Paddle
The Heathkit HD-1410 is a keyer paddle. The speed (10 to 60 WPM) and sidetone frequency (500-1000 Hz) are adjustable. Rear panel has connections for external 12 VDC and headphones, receiver audio and external key. Top panel is blemished.  [08/15]
Sold Used Item
UR94 Heathkit HD-16   $34.95 SOLD
Code Oscillator & Key
Here is the Heathkit HD-16 code oscillator with original Owner's Manual. Also includes a straight key on a metal plate.  [07/15]

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