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BK Precision 1687B
UN43 BK Precision 1687B   $139.95 SOLD
Power Supply
The BK Precision 1687B is a laboratory grade variable switching power providing voltage between 1 and 36 volts DC with variable current from 0 to 10 Amps. Input is 120 VAC. It has binding terminals, cooling fan and USB port on the rear panel. The front panel has digital displays for voltage and amperage. There are separate rotary encoders for setting voltage and current levels. CV-Constant Voltage and CC-Constant Current modes are available. With up to 3 presets available. In good condition. With box, USB cable and cut sheets covering features, controls and specifications. S/N 34G13291.  [08/18]
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BK Precision 2530B
UQ96 BK Precision 2530B   $239.95 SOLD
Digital Storage Scope
The BK Precision 2530B is a 25 MHz bandwidth, 500 MSa/s sample rate storage oscilloscope with 5.7" color display. It features: One touch automatic setup, Long waveform memory up to 32,000 point record, 32 automatic measurements, FFT plus four additional math functions, extensive trigger capabilities and save/recall setup and waveform data. Included AC cord plugs into left side. With probe and original 190 page manual. S/N 309D13198.  [12/17]
BK 2040
U756 BK Precision 2040   $159.95 SOLD
CB Signal Generator
This BK Precision2040 CB signal generator comes with a manual  [02/05]
BK Precision 5380
U556 BK Precision 5380 $62.95 SOLD
Digital Multimeter
The BK Precision 5380 ASYNC II is a professional grade, digital multi-meter. With leads. The rear panel has a tilt-stand. S/N 70509121. [06/20]
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BK Precision 4040
W762 BK Precision 4040 $149.95
Sweep-Function Generator
The BK Precision 4040 AM/FM 20 MHz sweep function generator also features a 30 MHz frequency counter with 5 digit LED display. It supports sine, square, triangle, ±pulse and ±ramp waveforms. BNC input/output. Click here to view rear panel and tilt bail. With leads and spec sheet.  [04/23]

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