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U813 Millen 92200   $289.95 SOLD
Transmatch Tuner
The Millen 92200 transmatch can handle 2 kW peak on 80, 40, 20, 15 and 10 meters. It features massive variable capacitors and is built on a heavy copper sub-chassis with bottom. It has recessed handle grips. The rear panel has SO-239 input and output. Made in Malden, MA by the famous James Millen Company. Includes original instructions.  [11/05]
Sold Used Item
UA95 Millen 90902   $79.95 SOLD
This Millen 90902 is a general purpose oscilloscope. It uses the 2BPI two inch cathode ray tube. It was designed for general laboratory, industrial and communication usages and is suitable for 19 inch rack mounting. Includes copy of instructions, covering specifications and schematic. 19 x 3.5 x 9.25" 12 lbs. Can quote shipping. The 2XA rectifier tube plugs into the rear panel.  [06/18]
used James Millen 90811
UZ15 Millen 90811   $69.95 SOLD
HF Transmitter
The James Millen 90811 is an HF CW transmitter assembled kit. Key input is on rear panel. Includes an extra tube in protective socket. With schematic and 3 pages of documentation. AS-IS Final Sale. S/N 915.  [04/18]
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