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Sold Used Item
U256 Grundig TR-807   $319.95 SOLD
Portable Shortwave Receiver
The Grundig TR-807 has an analog display. It features the band buttons, tone control, BFO, fine tuning dial lamp buttons on the top of the radio. The left side of the radio has jacks for record and earphone. The rear panel has antenna input jacks. The battery compartment holds six D cells (not supplied). The 120V AC cord is stored in the back of the radio. The bottom of the radio has the S/N. This solid-state radio was one of very few Grundig models manufactured in Japan.  [04/06]
Sold Used Item
U900 Grundig TR1000   $58.97 SOLD
Portable LW-MW-SW-FM Radio
This German made Grundig TR1000 covers LW, AM, FM and two SW bands (5.91-6.2 and 6.1-16 MHz). Plays from AC with nice sound with both Bass and Treble. Has audio in / out jacks plus a Motorola jack for antenna input. Plays, but sold AS-IS because whip is broken, cell case is disconnected and has homemade labels.  [07/03]
Sold Used Item
UU67 Grundig Transistor 5000   $199.95 SOLD
Portable Shortwave Receiver
The Grundig Transistor 5000 (Satellit 205a) has an analog display. It features the band buttons for LW/MW/SW/FM. Rotary knob on left side for spread band selection. The top panel has controls for Volume, Bass and Treble. The rear panel has a sliding door for the AC cord and various I/O connections. The bottom panel has a clean battery compartment. Made in West Germany. When we acquired this radio only FM worked. It has serviced and cleaned, but some controls are still scratchy. Includes photocopy of manual and a new copy of Grundig Satellit - All Models which includes this model.  [04/18]
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